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Read some of the reviews we have received from our wonderful customers below:
This is by far the ultimate clothes washing line on the global market. 60m of line is greater than the traditional large Hills hoists from the 70s!!! A minimum of 2 loads of
washing space and you can turn the line with easy to face the sun in different directions throughout the day to optimise on faster drying rates! The heavy duty castor
wheel and brakes are very reliable and sturdy on those windy days. When not in use, the top level wings fold down with ease. Even my husband enjoys hanging out
the clothes now and boasts about this product each time he uses it!! The most brilliant invention on the market today - Fulcrum you deserve 5 stars! Finally David you
have been such a pleasure to communicate with immediate responses 24/7 in arranging the sale and fast freight, all credit to you and your successful business:) -
The clothesline is everything claimed. Quickly delivered and straightforward to assemble with quality materials, it holds a family sized wash and can
be easily moved to chase the sun or avoid the rain. It frees up garden space and will last for years. We recommend it most highly. - Ian
I find this is the best investment I have made. I have a mobile clothesline now that I can take to any place I rent -  Roselyn
We have nowhere to put a fixed clothesline so this is perfect for our needs. Can be moved around easily and stored in our shed out of sight when not
use. Plenty of line space and built well - love it! - Suzie
We love our new clothesline! There is so much space to hang our washing... it's such a good design!! It manoeuvres so easily back and forth into our shed. It's
fabulous! Very happy... thank you! - Stephanie
We absolutely love our Fulcrum Mobile Clothesline. It is strong and sturdy and makes things so convenient and easy. No more worrying about having
enough space on the line as it easily handles all our washing needs.It is so easy to move around - even when fully loaded - and lets us react to the
weather as it changes (in Melbourne it can change very quickly so this is a huge plus). I find myself moving it around the yard to chase the sunny spots
on the weekends and moving it under cover just as the rain sets in. Not something you could do with any other clothesline. Even better is that when not
using it I can store it in my shed out of sight and out of the way...Completely happy with our purchase and can't help but rave about how good it is to
family and friends. Thanks David! - Jarrod
This is the best thing I have purchased in years. I can move it around where ever I want and put in the shed if raining. - AnneMarie
I've had my Fulcrum washing line for about 2 months now. I totally love it. I love doing my washing. I no longer stress about the weather. I have
bragged about my line to everyone. Thoroughly love it and think it was a great investment for myself. The washer in the family. Very glad that I
purchased it. It is so convenient. The people behind Fulcrum Clotheslines are very friendly too. Thankyou -  Shanade
I was amazed by the portability, strength and hanging space of the unit. I can move it to any position in my yard to make full use of the sun. When not in use, I can
fold it away. - Maria
I absolutely love it. I was a bit unsure for the money that I was outlaying but I can say it worth it.The quality and design is great. I have been searching
for a while for portable clothesline and this fits my needs. it definitely holds a whole lot - Sara
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