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Why buy a Fulcrum Mobile Clothesline?
There are many benefits to owning a Fulcrum Mobile Clothesline - some of which are:

1. You can reposition the frame anywhere in your living space where it may be moved to and where there is enough space.
2. You can move it when the washing is still on the line. And this means a full up to 60m worth. Not like the small drying frames.
3. No more ugly rope drying lines temporarily hung up around under patio or in the garage.
4. The materials for the frame have been selected to give long life of operation. The use of plastics in the joints of the frame and the mechanisms have been eliminated.
5. A high ground clearance makes it easier for at least 6ft tall people to walk upright underneath. The lower level of lines means kids and or people requiring a wheel chair may be able to hang washing easily.
6. If hanging the washing out on a day when rain comes - it can easily be moved undercover - instead of bringing wet washing in again.
7. Maximise the use of the sun, or shade as preferred. No more having the clothes drying in a fixed position because that is where a wall was available for a wall mounted unit, or up againnst a fence to keep the garden clear.
8. Wires are PVC coated steel wire. This means less chance of snapping wires due to cheap polycore types being used.
9. Wire spacings are 150mm (6") on the top and 90mm (3.54") on the bottom rail.
Check this against your current fold down where many are all spaced very close together. Having them wider apart like on the Fulcrum Mobile Clothesline allows for improved airflow and enhanced drying.
10. It is an Australian designed item from an Australian Family owned and operated business.
11. Assembly is easy. Only M10 bolts are used. No more digging holes, mixing concrete and waiting for it to set to install posts etc. No more drilling into walls or fences.
12. You can save money buy allowing you washing to air dry instead of using an Electric tumble dryer.
13. Did we mention you can move it just about anywhere?
What sizes do they come in?
The frames come in 3 different lengths and line sizes.
They are as follows:

3.0m long = 60m of clothes line wire
2.5m long = 50m of clothesline wire
2.0m long = 40m of clothes line wire

Refer to the Dimensions page for more detailed information.
How long are the frames
Frames can be one of three lengths - either 2.0m, 2.5m or 3.0m long
How wide are the frames?
At the base they are 1.0m wide - this is where the wheels are.
When both of the "wings" (the overhead line frames) are lifted up the frame is 2.40m wide at the top.
You can just have one "wing" up if you chose. In that case the frame is 1.70m wide (1 wing and half of the base dimension).

Please refer to the Dimesnions page for more detailed information.
Does it work on any surface?
It is hard to answer this question 100% since there are many variables to the variety of surfaces in peoples living spaces.
Generally the frame travels best across firmer surfaces.

Sand, Mud and Softer surfaces will cause the frame to bog down and will potentially damaged the bearings in the wheels.
Also it will not obviously go up stairs!
However the weight of the unit makes it light enough for two people to lift it up a stair set presuming the stairs are wide enough and there is sufficent space for navigating the unit around corners etc.

Good common sense should prevail in its use of course.
What colours does it come in?
There is a variety of colours available.
Please refer to the Model Selector page for more details.
Can I increase and decrease the length of the frame?
The End frames (the 2 triangular frames) are the same for all 3 Models.
You can seperately buy an alternative length kit and make your frame longer or shorter - depending on what size you want and what size you started with.
Please enquire direct for a price on a new length kit.
Can I get spare parts?
Fulcrum Mobile Clotheslines stocks spare parts and it is easy to replace these items with the simple bolt together design.
Can I build the frame myself?
If you are handy with a spanner the frame is easy to assemble.
We will proved clear instructions.

Alternatively Fulcrum Mobile Clotheslines will be more than happy to organise the setup of your new clothesline.
How do you operate the upper frames?
When the "wing" frames are in the down position, standing at one end the user lifts the first frame upward.
When the frame is level at the top the user inserts the provided steel pin into the head piece. The the user moves to the opposite end and inserts the 2nd steel pin.
The pins prevent the frame from going down. To lower simply reverse the operation.
The two side wings work independantly so the user may raise one or both of the "wing" frames.

For a better understanding please see our Video Page
Won't the clothesline roll on a slope?
Each wheel has a foot operated brake which can be applied to prevent the unit from rolling.
Ideally the unit is to be used on "flat" ground or on a minor slope.
Too steep a slope and the washing will not hang vertically down.
Will it fit King size and Queen size sheets?
Yes - depending on the size frame you have and whether you want them fully strecthed or dont mind them a little bunched up.

For reference the following dimensions are shown.

King Size sheet : Generally 2.6m wide (Fits flat on 3.0m frame & only slightly bunched on 2.5m frame)
Queen Size sheet : Generally 2.4m wide (Fits flat on 3.0m or 2.5m frame)
Why not just buy a rain cover for my existing line?
Sure - there are covers that fit onto folding lines and rotary lines.
But they will only work when the rains comes down vertically.

At Fulcrum Mobile Clotheslines we understand that very rarely will rain drop straight vertically down.
We bet you know that also.
In most rainy events the rain is accompanied by wind.
When that occurs the rain comes down at an angle and will undoubtedly wet clothes on the outer edges.

The best thing to do is to get the washing fully undercover, which you can do with the Fulcrum Mobile Clothesline.
Why not just tumble dry in winter or rainy times?
Sure you can do that - but please remember the following:

1. Line drying does not affect the fabric as much as tumble drying does. So your clothes, sheets, towels etc. may last longer.
2. You save money from using much less electricity.
3. It will probably take you longer since the volume of a tumble dryer cannot compete with the drying volume of a clothesline.
Where can I use the Fulcrum Mobile Clothesline
You can use it anywhere on your property that you can wheel the frame to.

On the grass area
Under the patio
In the garage
Under the pergola
Down the side of the house
We even have tried it inside the games room - it was wheeled through the open sliding glass door
What are the spacings of the lines
The lines on the upper level are spaced at 150mm (6") apart.
The mid level lines are spaced at 90mm (3.54") apart
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