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Fulcrum Mobile Clotheslines are a wonderful new alternative to traditional outdoor rotary lines, fold down lines, portable lines, retractable lines and electric driers.
They are full size clotheslines that are MOBILE!

Be one of the first people in the World to own one of these Australian designed inventions.

You will be the envy of your friends and family as you reap the benefits from the Fulcrum Mobile Clothesline.

Available in sizes of 50m or 60m of line.
With a strong frame made from galvanised steel you will be able to move your washing all around your property* to take advantage of the best drying positions.

If it is sunny - wheel it out into the open warm sun area.
If it is rainy or windy - move it to an undercover or protected area.

BEST OF ALL - you can move it with the washing still in place.

NO MORE dashing out to bring in the wet washing when it starts raining.
NO MORE constant drying in the shade as your line is on the wall or stuck next to the fence or under a tree.
You can even hang the washing undercover and then move it out into the sun - reducing sun exposure if you are sun sensitive or if it's just too hot.
For more BENEFITS - see About Us below.

To get through tighter passages the wings fold down making the unit compact for mobility and storage.

If your looking to buy a new clothesline, need to replace your existing clothesline, are building a new home or you just want one, then this is one drying option you MUST consider.

Contact us now for more details on 040 944 2100, email us a message at info@fulcrummobileclotheslines or via our Contact page.

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*mobility subject to certain surface conditions

About Us

Fulcrum Mobile Clotheslines is a part of our Parent company Fulcrum Designs Pty Ltd.

Fulcrum Designs is a family owned business founded in 2000 and is based in Perth, Western Australia. We are a husband and wife team company which has its background in Engineering Design.

In 2011 after purchasing our home, we decided that our existing washing line, which was a wall mounted unit, was not suitable for our growing families needs.
It was positioned under a small covered pergola and its limited capacity meant that we could not dry all the washing at once and rain would wet the washing on the end of the line due to the angle it would come in towards the line,
Our garden size did not lend itself to a larger rotary line, and the garden aspect itself was shady where we would have placed the rotary line at any rate.

What we wanted was a large line that we could position anywhere we liked and move it as needed to get the best drying position.

So - we started conceiving the Fulcrum Mobile Clothesline!

With a background in Engineering Design and construction we investigated several design ideas and materials to try and come up with the optuimum solution.

The result is what you can see on these pages.

We hope that this product will provide many people with a new choice when deciding on a clothesline.
You can now place the line nearly anywhere in your living area.

Thanks for dropping by to our website and for your consideration of the Fulcrum Mobile Clothesline.


Hang the laundry under the shade and move it out into the sun
Reposition it if the sun cast a shadow from structures or plants
Move it undercover rapidly if rain commences. Saves taking it all off the line
Smaller footprint than equivalent rotary lines of same line length
Easy to operate mechanism
Wings can be folded down for compact storage

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