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Wings down
Wheel with brake
HFS 55
55m of line space
2.75m in length
Fully open
Model HFS55
55m of line
shown fully open
- top view looking down
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- Full rotary size - 55m of line

- 2.75m long frame

- Hold 12 King size sheets

- Fully mobile on wheels with brakes

- Move with the washing still on the frame

- Raise one or both sides

- Move it undercover or into the sun

- Easy to operate - just 4 pins

- Australian invention

The Australian designed Fulcrum Mobile Clothesline allows you get your washing dry in the optimum location in your outdoor area.
Move it out of the rain or into the sun while the washing is still on the line.
It has the capacity of a rotary line and is fully mobile with each corner having a wheel with a brake.
The side frames fold down to allow compact storage and navigation through tighter passages - base width is approx 1m.
$698 inc GST